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ADC: Industrial DC Electric Vehicle Charger


Commercial fast charging has become more and more popular these days with so-called ‘superchargers’ being placed in countless public spaces, and with good reasoning. Offering power at larger rates reduces charging times hugely, but this development suffers from one major flaw: affordability.


And that is where AXAL’s ADC comes into play.


AXAL Power superstation is built on blistering speed and reliability, all whilst remaining at a competitive, budget-friendly price tag. The metal-encased DC-output charger is offered in single-, double- and even triple-gun options to ensure a spot for all your customers. Consequently, the user interface consists of LED indications, an emergency stop, a touch screen, and card recognition to present a clear overview to customers at all times.


Finally, the ADC is stocked with many communication, protection, and security systems to ensure convenient use and safe handling of the electric vehicle and customer. And to keep the charger durable, many technologies are installed to safeguard the ADC from environmental and electrical threats.


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ADC - Super fast DC charger for electric vehicles

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